Dr. Alexander Castellanos

Alexander F. Castellanos, M.D., is a graduate from the Stanford, University School of Medicine. Dr. Castellanos received his training at Stanford, USC, UCSF, Queens Square –London, England (Neurology), and IMAN – Mexico City (Pediatrics)

Dr. Castellanos spent eight years as a trauma room physician. During the last 18 years, he has developed proactive investigations in the specialty of family medicine. As a result, he has been able to assist thousands of patients in preventing and reversing cardiovascular disease. Recently, Dr. Castellanos’ practice was chosen by Stanford University for research collaboration for the risk assessment of cardiovascular disease.

His goal as a physician is to alleviate barriers that exist between patient and physician, to motivate patients for better health.

He is a member of several recognized medical associations.

Dr. Castellanos is also a recognized Instructor of Medical Students and Nurse Practitioners from Stanford, UCSF, UCD, and USF.

Callexico High School1968
University of San FranciscoBachelor of Science1968-1972
Stanford School of MedicineMedical Degree1972-1977
U.C. San Francisco, Santa RosaInternship1977-1978
U.C. IrvineResidency1978-1980
Trauma Medicine1978-1985
Family Medicine1985-present
• Fellow of American Society for Colposcopy & Cervical Pathology
• Fellow of American Society for Laser Medicine & Surgery
• American Holistic Health Association (Past)
• American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (Past)
• American Academy of Family Physicians
• American Diabetes Association (Past)
• National Association of Medical Communicators (Past)
• National Alliance of Hispanic Health (Past)
• Physician Committee for Responsible Medicine


Dr Castellanos morning exercise routine involves taking his 8 horses out for a jog.
He runs with them for 2-4 hours around a circular track that he built himself.


Dr. Castellanos has been playing the trumpet since he was in the fourth grade, which allowed him to gain confidence and recognition from his peers. He kept up his first chair position, the highest position available, from elementary to his final college years. Those same college years he was the band director, jazz director, and the pep band director. He recently picked up his trumpet and has been playing again for the past six years.


Aikido is defined as “a way of life with harmony with nature.” In parctice, one uses oncoming confrontation whether it’s verbal, physical, or emotional and one response is to defuse the challenge in a non-violent, nonconfronational approach. Dr. Castellanos uses the “unbendable arm” exercise to illustrate three conditions that are applicable to life.


Dr. Castellanos built his own house and it all started in 1995. After an intense ten day training, he contributed 5 1/2 years to buidling and getting county approval and experienced a lot of delays. He fell off of ladders, broke bones, and got nerve damage in some areas but continued to practice. Patients got acustomed to seeing the doctor in arm slings, with bruises and bandages. Additionally, his horses, deer, foxes, and birds were all caught deconstrucing his house.


Dr. Castellanos went to Russell Racing School in Laguna Seca. He was part of one of the worst accidents in Laguna Seca history, a 13 car pile up! As car number 13 in the starting lineup, he crashes into the pile up as car 1 misses his apex and car 2 hits his rear tire. The experience made him a safer driver and gave him some insight on what pain his patients might feel.

In his original ‘85 Porsche, he had an accident where a passing semi t-bones a car on the highway. That car is then launched toward Dr. castellanos who swerves, spins out and bounces between the semi on his left and the cement barrier on his right. Every part of his car was crushed except his door.