Mar 30

COVID-19, Patient Recommendations

It is still important for us to continue our health proactive and preventative evaluations and recommendations.

As many of you are aware, not only this virus but many other viruses and bacterial infections have damaging affects on the vascular system. When the lining of the arterial system is damage creating massive inflammation, and even clot formation, organs like the lungs, The heart, kidneys, the nervous system, essentially all our body cells are at risk for dysfunction. That’s why common symptoms like headaches nausea or vomiting, shortness of breath, cough, body aches etc. are experienced!

When our immune system is challenged, even though we may recover from a viral infection, we may have additional bacterial complications leading towards a variety of conditions: ear infections, sinusitis, sore throat and bacterial infections and so forth.

That’s why when when we have viral like syndrome, then we recover then we have new onset of other conditions, it’s still very important to be evaluated.

Office visits:

The government has authorized us to have office consultation via tele-medicine and or phone.

Therefore if you feel you prefer not to to go outside for an office visit, I will be able to consult on the phone with you.

We continue to schedule patients for evaluations, and as I stated above more of a reason to evaluate our vascular system to minimize being overtaken especially by this current virus.

Below I have included an article by experts describing the vascular events that occur with these infections.

The title of the article is “Covid -19: Abnormal Clotting common in more severe disease

To my patients, reminders of our recommendations that each one of you have received, review our website under “lifestyle”, “exercise” and “nutrition” emphasizing for the reversal of vascular disease and maintenance of vascular health.

Additional recommendations in the prevention of exposure and contamination of COVID-19:

Our office also emphasizes the importance of close contact, avoiding touching your face, washing your hands, and using eyeglasses prescription or nonprescription along with a face mask. If you don’t have a face mask, use a scarf or handkerchief to protect nasal and mouth exposures.

Additional recommendations:

The following has been recommended by dentist to minimize gingivitis, or infections of gums leading towards dental disease.
I am recommending my patients to also follow that treatment to gargle 2 to 3 times per week and after exposures.

I also recommend to my patients the use of benzyl peroxide 10% gel (Oxy-10) which is used for acne conditions. I recommend this gel to be applied at the base of the nose above the upper lip to decrease being a carrier of bacterial infections that may increase risk for respiratory bacterial infections.

For our patients that have underlying conditions i.e. blood pressure elevation, breathing issues, diabetes, it is still important to be evaluated to minimize this virus that is more devastating to our vascular health.

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