Hello Cindy

This covers:

* 2 hrs of website speed optimization (script fixing and image optimization)
* 1 hour for creation and work with Youtube header designer (will send you 2-3 versions for the doc to pick from)
* Approx 45min-1hr of time spent talking to Godaddy about integrating the SSL (security) certificate for the website
and doing the required tech changes (URL fixing) on the backend of the site.

For a total of $110 + the cost direct via Godaddy for SSL listed below.

Thanks again,

PS: The SSL cert itself will cost 63.99 a year direct via Godaddy and whatever card you have on file with them. FYI I did check to see if they would alllow the free SSL certificate and while they said yes, they said they would not ‘support’ it and recommended the cheapest one they offer as being fine for our needs.