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Meet the Staff: Dr. Castellanos

Alexander F. Castellanos, M.D., is a graduate of Stanford University, School of Medicine.

Dr. Castellanos received his training at Stanford, USC, UCSF, Queens Square –London, England, and Mexico City.


Recent Posts

  • Summary Report Of Our Proactive Practice Facing Virus

    Non-invasive Bi-directional Doppler Analysis for Potential Early Detection of Severe COVID-19 Cases Jorge Gonzalez12, Alexander Castellanos MD5 Abstract: COVID-19, an infectious disease caused by a new virus, has been well known to cause respiratory illness and further research has been shown to cause symptoms related to multiple organ damage. This is due to the attack […]

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  • COVID-19: Abnormal Clotting Common in More Severe Disease

    Chinese clinicians on the early front lines argue for anticoagulation by Crystal Phend, Senior Editor, MedPage Today March 24, 2020 A computer rendering of a blood clot Endothelial damage and subsequent clotting is common in severe and critical COVID-19 coronavirus, which may have implications for treatment, Chinese clinicians said at a webinar co-sponsored by the […]

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If you are experiencing an emergency, please report to the ER. If you have a non-emergency feel free to visit a walk-in clinic, like Med Stop.
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