Retirement Statement

Dear Patients and Friends:

Many of you have been asking the staff and/or myself if I plan to retire in the very near future. You have expressed concerns that I was doing so.

This is understandable since I have seen many of my colleagues doing just that. Some of my colleagues have retired because they are at that age where they felt it was time to leave their practices. Some of them have stopped practicing because they are frustrated with the way things are in medicine today. And others have retired because of physical or mental issues.

Yes, I am at the age when retirement is an option. As long as I am physically, intellectually, and emotionally capable of helping you, I plan to continue.

You all know that I have been working very hard at research, specifically in helping people improve their cardiovascular systems. I have been granted three patents so far from the U.S. Patent Office. I continue to be involved in this research and its application.

In my daily routine I try to practice what I encourage you all to do: exercise on a daily basis, have more good days than not with better nutrition, and engage in other interests to balance oneself.

So, my wonderful staff and myself will continue providing the service that you deserve and have appreciated!

For Better Health,

Alexander Castellanos, M.D.