Nov 9

New Website Up & Running


This project has been on going for a few months now… and it has gone through so many changes, revisions and multiple edits (as can be seen from these old images of the other website editions),

  • v1
  • v3
  • v2

but finally the completed and final (for now) version is up and running.

Seeing the first website, I imagined a more visually modern take on it. I also wanted to incorporate various features, like the ease of posting new videos, articles and educational tidbits, or the ability for visitors to leave comments to these posts. I previously tried two programs to construct this website I had in mind: Adobe’s Dreamweaver and Apple’s iWeb, however, they ended up being too complicated for other people to easily post and edit articles, and I found it hard to make them work and display properly on PC’s. And then, I met WordPress. WordPress is an amazing program where you can easily build simple to complex websites, and then easily edit them along the way.

Now that I had the best program to use, I went on building the actual site. I started with the Medica theme by Themefuse, and reconstructed the background and appearance for the theme. The inspiration for this new design came from Dr. Castellanos’ cluttered desk. I always see various papers, charts and sticky notepads on it and so I thought it would be cool to have the website look like his desk, but a little bit more organized. And within just a few days with WordPress, I was able to successfully get the site I had envisioned working.

I hope you all find this website pleasing and easy to navigate, and if you have any comments, suggestions, or if you notice anything that needs to be fixed, please just leave comments below.


-John Santamarina

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