Apr 1

Professor David Peake Testimonial

In my life of more than 60 years of aerospace engineering adventures, I have been fortunate to be treated by many family practice physicians in Great Britain, Europe, Canada and in the USA. But none has come close to the very special expert (without exaggeration!) evaluation, analysis, diagnosis, continuing care and treatment that I have experienced with Dr. Alex and his welcoming reception and nursing staff.

Dr. Alex is a multi-faceted and multi-talented expert in an impressive array of medical disciplines. Among his many capabilities, I have received his impeccable advice in cardiovascular, dermatology, respiratory and nutritional matters. He discusses each medical item with a clarity to facilitate one’s understanding. In each case, I have experienced a reversal of a problem, leading to the potential prevention of a disease, or a cure.

Dr. ALex is a generous humanitarian, continually educating the patient to be proactive in assisting the body to heal and renew with conscious actions of exercise and appropriate nutrition strategies.

I heartily recommend Dr. Alex Castellanos to your favorable attention to perform a comprehensive evaluation and treatment of any medical concern that you may have…!

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  1. 04/01/2020
    Thank you very much Mr. Peak for your confidence ! Some of my medical training took place in Great Britain, so I had first hand exposure to national health systems. And I strongly believe my country , United States of America with no national health, has provided much opportunity for my aspirations in medicine ! Reply

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