Jun 14

V.I.P.S. 2013 Presentation

Summer of 2013 welcomes back the Indians to their new found home in North County, and marks the 2nd year of the team’s participation in an innovative program that aims to improve physical and mental performance, and also reverse risks associated with the vascular system: the V.I.P.S. Program (Vascular Improvement for Performance in Sports).
The V.I.P.S. Program is based on methods patented by Dr. Alexander Castellanos, a family physician whose office resides at Templeton’s Time Square. These methods involve the use of a non-invasive baseline bi-directional Doppler ultrasound to assess the health of one’s cardiovascular system. The results of the ultrasound serve as a form of biofeedback that engages the patient’s participation with following the necessary recommendations, including nutrition and exercise, to help reduce risk factors of cardiovascular disease. The cardiovascular system is primarily important to maintain because we rely on this system (consisting of the heart, the arteries, and the veins) to provide the necessary nutrients and oxygen to the cells making up our various body systems. When those cells fail to receive their fair share of oxygen and nutrients, it may lead to deficiency in function of the muscles of the heart, the muscles of the body, the tendons, joints and bones, the nervous system, the lungs, each resulting in possible injury or even disabling events.
The V.I.P.S. program consists of a pre and post vascular assessment, with goals of maximizing the performance of the participants and prolong the health of both their minds and bodies. In 2012, the program was initiated at the beginning of the Indian’s season and was conducted by taking common measurements from the team’s participating players; measurements like age, weight, blood pressure, heart rate, and a Doppler ultrasound analysis of the arteries. An educational presentation was also provided to give the athletes information regarding vascular health, false preconceptions about sports medicine, and recommendations in terms of nutrition and exercise. A follow-up was done at the end of the season to assess the previously measure parameters, which gave the following results: “approximately 80% of the recorded athletes adhered to the guidelines with greater than 50% commitment, and approximately 85% of those showed greater than 60% improvement.”
This year the office of Dr. Castellanos hopes to achieve similar or better results. The program and method prove to be successful ways to reverse risks of cardiovascular disease and will continue to strive to improve the framework of Sports Medicine.

Below is the presentation given to the North County Indians for the initial phase of the 2013 program.

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