Dr. Castellanos Plays National Anthem in Scottsdale, Arizona

Ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure to present to you Dr. Alexander Castellanos who has volunteered to play the national anthem for this ceremony.

Dr. Castellanos expresses “his honor” to play his trumpet for THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH! In Scottsdale Arizona!

Dr. Castellanos graduated from Stanford University School of Medicine. He went to college at a Jesuit University: The University of San Francisco. He graduated from Calexico high school in CA.
He has been practicing medicine since the 1970s. He worked in emergency rooms for over 10 years. Over the last several decades he has been in private practice concentrating on cardiovascular medicine plus other specialties.

Dr. Castellanos and his wife Kathy have a small horse ranch with 10 horses, all Arabians in Templeton California. His wife Kathy you may recognize her former name : Kathy Pasquell (but today I must emphasize she is Kathy Castellanos for many years) You may recognized horses she’s been national champion with: MFA Maverick+//, RSA Exxploitation+//, and hopefully in the next few years another champion who we have here : a 2 year old colt name Majin AN, his number here at the show is 1828.

In addition to being a devoted husband, a fantastic physician, and a horse whisperer, He is an inventor and has been granted 4 US patents on intellectual properties. He believes his apps and gadgets will be competitive with the likes of Apple Watch, Google watch, Fitbit etc. His patent address vascular health, and changes that occur with disease with recommendations to address in real time.

Dr. Castellanos would like to address the elephant in the arena, rather the horse in the arena! He invites you to visit his website templetondoc.com. (Doc is abbreviation for Dr. Templeton doctor.com ) for recommendations he provides his patience to protect and prevent against this COVID-19 pandemic. He of course emphasizes you discuss these recommendations with your own physicians.


Dr. Castellanos would like to dedicate his version of our national anthem to all of you present and to citizens of the United States,

To all our service men and women,

To one of his younger brothers, Luis, who is Director of the anti-terrorist program from San Diego California,

To another younger brother, named Jeronimo Jr, a retiree from the NSA

And to his late father Jeronimo who served during World War II in the Pacific.

And a special mention to all our horses which for Dr. Castellanos represents


Now, please stand for our national anthem.